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Директорът на The Witcher 3 напуска CD Projekt Red
пуснато на 04 май 2021 от pseto
the witcher 3 director
Кризата в CD Projekt Red продължава. Наскоро Конрад Томашкиевич, директорът на The Witcher 3, е напуснал компанията. Причината? Тормоз на работното място, насочен към подчинените му.

Всъщност интересното е, че Томашкиевич не бива намерен за виновен след вътрешно разследване. Но самият той чувства, че "прекалено много хора се чувстват неудобно или заплашени, когато работят с него". Поради тази причина Томашкиевич решава да напусне сам.

Той е уведомил борда на директорите в CD Projekt Red, които са приели оставката му.

Същевременно акциите на полската компания продължават да поевтиняват. Продажбите на Cyberpunk 2077 не се харесаха на акционерите - макар и да бяха повече от стабилни. Самата игра не изглежда, че ще повтори дългосрочния успех на The Witcher 3, поне в момента.

JakePaulKOsConor avatar
06 май 2021
Това се случва във всяка една организация (без изключение) след като бъде инфестирана от критични теоретици в HR и следователно в талант отдела, работното място се превръща в детска градина


My husband and I co-founded a justice-oriented non-profit org 11 years ago. At the time, we knew nothing about Critical Social Justice or Critical Theory. Our motivation was to address disparities in mental health care. 1/

We’d learned that lay people (ppl without clinical training) made up the majority of trauma care providers around the world working with vulnerable populations (refugees, human trafficking survivors, etc). We wanted to help equip those lay people with good resources. 2/

We hired clinically trained mental health professionals to develop our curriculum, oversee MEL, and run the international training program. Everything went great for about 7 years. We got accolades from all the right people in academia and partnered with orgs in 50+ countries. 3/

Then a few years ago we noticed a tone shift among our program staff. They became hyper-critical of *everything.* As Executive Director, my husband felt he was always on trial. Every word and action was scrutinized. We couldn’t figure out where this was coming from. 4/

We noticed shared rhetoric among the staff. Terms we heard often:
“systems of power and oppression”
“marginalized identities”
Didn’t understand the ideology behind it, started doing some reading. 5/

Then the open letters started. The letters always went to everyone in the org (from the graphic designer to the governing board), they always asserted vaguely that the organization was “causing harm,” and they always ended with demands. We were alarmed and confused. 6/

We began having all-org sessions trying to discern what was happening and what was needed. It was quickly apparent there were no specific actions or incidents that could be deemed harmful. The accusations were always vague and abstract, about “identities”, “systems,” etc. 7/

What also became apparent quickly was they didn’t want to resolve any real harm. They wanted control of the organization. They stated explicitly my husband was incapable of running an org that addresses trauma (an org he founded!) bc he’s straight, white, male, and Christian. 8/

lyubohar avatar
06 май 2021
И понеже си прочел някъде някаква случайна история за някаква случайна компания, вече си наясно с всички проблеми във всички компании? Talking about теоретици...

Полша не е централата на Google, дето е пълно със snowflakes; все пак Централна Европа е това, доста по-корави са хората там, вероятно е имало някаква реална форма на тормоз.

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